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How to use backing tracks

So you have a new backing track and you need to find out how to use backing tracks for your live performance.

With Baraoke its simple. You can use any backing track so long as its in Wav or Mp3 format with Baraoke. Simple make a new folder on your PC, add the backing track file to the folder and add a text document to the folder. You can then add the lyrics to the txt file. Your ready to test the backing track and lyrics.

What do I need to play Backing Tracks with Lyrics?

When you want to add lyrics to a backing track, baraoke will simplify the process by playing your lyrics along with the backing track automatically. So what you need to play lyrics along with a backing track is, Baraoke, a backing track file and a simple text document.

To get your backing tracks and lyrics matching up perfectly, open Baraoke and add the new song to a play list. Open the playlist and you will see your backing track named in the right column. Click the track. This will load the backing track to the lyrics window.

Once the song lyrics are loaded, you are ready to go. Press play. The song will start to play and the lyrics will start to scroll upwards. This is where you will start to set up the lyrics to play along with the backing track. If you look at the right column where the backing track names are, you will see a little pencil icon to the right of the backing track name. Press that to open your backing track lyrics. When I am setting up lyrics to play with a backing track, I normally put in around 3 spaces at the top of the text file and then add a queue so I know where and when the song will start. I normally add [INTRO] to the txt document 3 spaces down from the top. This will give me space as an intro to the song. If your song has an intro then all you have to do to queue the intro in is add some more spaces. I will normally add 4 spaces after the [INTRO].

Setting up lyrics to play with backing tracks

Ok so now that we have our intro set up, we can move on to the 1st verse. Setting the lyrics up to play along with the first verse of the backing tracks is about timing. You will see there is a track speed input field with a plus and minus sign next to it. You can either set the lyrics speed by simply typing a number in the field or you can adjust using the side buttons.

You can adjust this to be as precise as you need but I find that this is too time consuming. It is fine for the lyrics to NOT always be right in the centre of the screen. After all, you are going to be learning the lyrics so after a few play throughs of the backing track, you will start to get used to the lyrics.

Adding space between verses is the same process as queuing in the first verse. Just add the right amount of spaces between the verse and chorus. You can of course add titles to show you what is coming next eg: [VERSE1] or [Chorus] and so on.

So as you can see, adding lyrics to backing tracks is a simple process and for any song will only take a couple of run throughs to set the time and pace of the lyrics.