The only backing tracks player you will ever need

Free Backing Tracks Player

Use Baraoke as a free backing tracks player and start singing and playing along with backing tracks right away! Download your favourite backing tracks, add your lyrics, press play and SING!

Baraoke lets you quickly and easily find your favourite backing tracks and lyrics, get the backing tracks ready and get them playing how you want them. Set up takes less than 5 minutes.

Baraoke is perfect for anyone who is need to play backing tracks for any situation including:

  • playing backing tracks for karaoke
  • playing backing tracks along with guitar
  • playing backing tracks at a local gig
  • playing backing tracks with lyrics
  • playing backing tracks on stage

Any pretty much any other situation where you need to play a backing track.

Using Baraoke as your free backing tracks player can add up to 10 backing tracks with lyrics and make unlimited changes for ever!

Pro Backing Tracks Player

Backing track automation on a whole new EASY level!

Needing to add unlimited tracks and set lists? Maybe you are in a wedding or gigging band and you want to automate your set lists backing tracks. No problem!

With Baraoke Pro Edition, you can add unlimited sets with unlimited tracks and share it on up to 3 PCs. You can also share your lyrics sheets, tracks and setup files with your band members so you are all singing from the same lyric sheets!

Buy Baraoke Pro now for only £19.99 securely through Paypal.

Plus you will get unlimited support and real time updates of each new feature and patch.