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Free Lyrics Prompter For Singers

Singers sometimes forget some words! Ok I said it! So lets get over that and have a look at Baraoke's free lyrics prompter for singers.

Adding lyrics to any song and readying them for singing takes second. Simply head over to Google, type the name of your song followed by the word lyrics and Google will display the lyrics for pretty much any song. You can then simply copy these to your lyrics file and Baraoke will do the rest.

Playing lyrics in a prompter

So you have your lyrics in the file. You actually have the option to ad music or just play the lyrics them selves with no sound. This is great for full bands or for people who are doing an intimate acoustic set at a local pub. Just sit your laptop or Windows Tablet in front of you, press play on Baraoke's player and the lyrics will scroll at the speed you have set them to.

Setting the speed for the lyrics prompter

As will all songs in Baraoke, you can set the speed that the lyrics scroll at. I have set the default speed to 150 and have found that is is good for about 90% of all songs. If your song needs to run a bit faster or slower, this is no problem. You can simply set the speed by using the plus and minus buttons or you can type the speed you want the lyrics prompter to run at.

If you havent already done so, you can download Baraoke right now using the button below:

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