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How to setup karaoke at home

If you are are looking to set up karaoke at home, Baraoke is the perfect program for your PC to help set up your home karoake.

Add unlimited tracks and set lists to your home karaoke set up and have the best karaoke parties with friends and family. Download your favourite backing tracks, add them to your set list, add the lyrics and press play!

Using Baraoke to set up karaoke at home is quick and easy and with the basic version, is totally free! You can set up your home karoake with 1 set list and up to 5 tracks, and interchange the tracks for ever meaning you can have unlimited tracks ready to play.

Sign up for a free Baraoke account and set up karaoke at home in less than 10 minutes.

Setting up a home karaoke

When setting up a home karaoke you can get started with a PC and an bluetooth speaker. For best results though, we recommend you have at least a microphone, a pair of stereo speakers and a basic 4 channel mixer with reverb. this will give you the full on feel of a professional karaoke set up at home and have you and your friends singing to your favourite karoake backing tracks in no time.