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Play Backing Tracks on Stage

Did you know, most bands From Elton John to Stereophonics play backing tracks on stage?

Baraoke has been built from the ground up to suit any venue size from the local pub to large concert halls. This means that once you have your set list ready to go, all you have to do is load Baraoke, press play and your songs are ready to go. Baraoke will work on any PC or Mac, so no matter what system you use, you can use Baraoke to play any backing tracks on stage.

How to play backing tracks at a gig

Once you have your songs set up on Baraoke, you can then simply run Baraoke and press play on your set list. Baraoke will then ready your set list and play through the set list when you are ready. With Baraoke you can add unlimited set lists so you can change out your set lists depending on the gig.

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