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How to read lyrics on stage

So your at a gig and you find that Reading Lyrics on Stage is not an easy task with your ipad or maybe (lol) your using your phone. Suddenly, you've forgotten some words and your now aware that having the ability to read lyrics on stage is not so much of a bad idea! Lets get you the best tool on the market to help with reading lyrics at your next gig!

What to use to read lyrics on stage?

Traditionally people would turn up to their gigs with sheets and sheets of paper (yes that white stuff people use to use with a thing called a pen), but these days you see people turn up with iPads. This is a good step up from the pen and paper but if you've ever tried to read lyrics on stage using an iPad you will have noticed that you also should have brought a magnifying glass simply because they are just too small!

Lets have a wee look at Baraoke to see it will help you read lyrics on stage! You can have any size of screen quickly and easily set up with just a laptop and an HDMI cable (or just use the laptop screen like I have been doing). Baraoke will allow you to adjust the text size and colour coordinate it to verses, backing singers, when to sing and when not to sing and can also show you all the chords you should be playing and when.

Can I use a teleprompter to read lyrics on stage?

YES! Baraoke fulfils this exact need. The cool thing with the Baraoke system is that while you can use it to play your backing tracks and show the lyrics along with each track, you can also use it as a teleprompter for lyrics on stage. All you have to do it get an HDMI cable, plug it in to your laptop and activate the screen, This will then show the lyrics on the laptop and the screen of your choice just like showing lyrics on a teleprompter. Plus if you have a HDMI splitter, you can show the lyrics on any amount of screens so you and your band can be all see the same lyrics on stage at the exact same time.

Free Teleprompter for lyrics

Did you know you can use Baraoke for free for up to 5 songs? This means you can have a free teleprompter for your lyrics on your laptop. If you need more than 5 songs its only £34.99 to upgrade to the unlimited Bakaoke. This means that when you need to read lyrics on stage, Baraoke has you covered. Not only will it play all your backing tracks but you can set it up just the way you need it for all your lyrics as well.

Hit up the Download link to get yours free today and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook.