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Guitar Backing Tracks Player

Baraoke is your guitar backing tracks player for all skill levels. Play your guitar along with any backing tracks and have the chords and lyrics scroll in time with the song you are playing. Add your favourite guitar backing tracks and set up in less than 5 minutes.

Baraoke guitar backing tracks player can be used for any situation from playing guitar backing tracks at home, to full on backing tracks for full gig use where you need backing tracks to play along with your band. Baroake has been built to help you play any backing tracks along with your guitar. All you do is find the backing tracks you need to play along with, add it to baraoke, copy and paste the lyrics and chords from your favourite website (eg Ultimate Guitar), then press play!

When adding your guitar backing tracks, you have the option to space out the lines of lyrics and chords to make reading the screen easier at a distance. As a guitar backing tracks player, Baraoke not only play the backing tracks for you, but can also be adjusted to lead you in with intros and chord structures.

Playing backing tracks with guitar

When playing your backing tracks along with your guitar, you can adjust the speed and volume of Baraoke to ensure the chords, lyrics and scroll speed are just right for each song. This means that once you have the song just right (which takes seconds!), you are ready to simply click play at any time and the backing track will play at the same speed and spacing every time you go to each track!

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